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Federal Compliance & Regulatory Agency

Service Offering:
  • Application Development

The Agency requires establishment engaged in the manufacture, preparation, propagation, compounding, assembly, or processing of medical devices intended for human use and commercial distribution to register their establishments and list their products with the Regulatory Agency, if the devices are in commercial distribution.

DRLM Module performs the following processes:

  • Create New Device registration, Update, Cancel Registration.
  • Create Listing.
  • Annual Registration.
  • Cancel, Deactivate, or Reactivate a Facility Registration.
  • Change, Cancel, or Reactivate Listings.
  • Change the Official Correspondent for a Facility.
  • Transfer Ownership of Devices or Facilities.

DRLM application is designed, developed and implemented on Agency’s extranet environment.
DRLM is implemented using J2EE technologies, Spring Framework, Hibernate and Oracle as Database in 3-tier architecture. The application deployed on 5 Production Sun Solaris boxes with Load Balancing Capability.

Active MQ Messaging service is implemented to send message queue to send the mails, faxes, attachments to end users. Mule ESB application is used to dispatch emails, fax, printing deliverables.