Smart Synergies has a keen interest in placing the right people in the right places, to the benefit of both my objectives and theirs. On top of that (and what goes a very long way with me), they don’t treat their contractors like interchangeable puzzle pieces, instead treating them as individual people with individual skill sets. I value that, because I am staffed with people whose passion begins in providing good work – a passion identified and promoted by SSI. - Program Manager, A fortune 500 telecom company

“There is an AMAZING difference between you and your competitors. We are really fortunate to have hooked up with Smart Synergies.” - Director of HR, A leading finance & accounting firm

“Smart Synergies has always delivered. They know enough about our work requirements and business practices to ensure we have professionals that easily adapt to our environment, and they do whatever it takes to ensure 100% customer and client satisfaction. We are a fairly large company and have a decent database of outside vendors and contractors which we use on a regular basis, but we continue to go to SSI first and I tend to see them as the 'Vendor of Choice' for our ERP & CRM needs.” - VP of ERP Services, A world leading semi-conductor company

“They have consistently provided us with experienced and well-disciplined people who fit in very well with our organization. Moreover, you have always been flexible and responsive to an extraordinary degree. I commend their steadfast focus on the client’s needs.” - CIO, A leading government consulting firm

“Over the past 2 years, I have employed Smart Synergies talent in a very busy proposal environment. They have always provided my company with first-rate employees, several of whom we have hired permanently. Smart Synergies has always been responsive to my needs and they are true partners in the business efforts of my company.” - Sr. Delivery Manager, A large systems integrator