We begin by providing senior consultants with relevant domain experience. These consultants work closely with the client to define the challenge and apply best practices in order to develop customized solutions. As we work with our clients to design and execute a solution, we remain realistic in our approach and objectives and responsive to changing dynamics that could affect the plan’s outcome. We have a proven track record of saving customers 40% or more over traditional IT consulting firms on various projects. Our JIR (Just-In-Time) resourcing model ensures that we do not try to fit our existing bench personnel to our clients’ needs and instead exhibit commitment in finding resources who are best fit every time.

Our delivery model is based on several key principles:

  • Seasoned consultants who use their relevant domain experience to enhance the effectiveness of our services and transfer knowledge to the client, ensuring a sustained return on investment
  • A flexible delivery model founded on shared goals and a focus on achieving the customer’s desired outcomes
  • Adaptable approaches that tailor proven methodologies to the requirements of each client and engagement
  • Rapid resource deployment within our local and nationwide markets
  • Balanced infrastructure that provides the right amount of support without undue impact on the cost of our services