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International Economic Institute

Service Offering:

Data Warehousing

  • The client’s Finance Department (FIN) wanted to enhance the present Data Warehouse (DWH) hosted on Oracle database and decided to initiate a new project which enhances current DWH, by reengineering the data model, ETL Process and Reporting Layer so that the DWH conforms to best of the industry practices and meets all the requirements of FIN.
  • The existing DWH is used to provide financial information to external audience and other departments within the Fund including the Office of Executive Directors, to perform financial analysis by FIN business users and to perform day ­to­ day financial operations.
  • Developed a user friendly presentation layer (BO Universe) on top of DWH, which will enable easier and flexible report creation for business users. Eliminated the need for use of SQL for development of BO reports sourced from the DWH.
  • Create a new DWH model which will simplify the current DWH processes, scale up to future requirements and become a strong foundation for the reporting layer.
  • Understood and analyzed the business requirements. Redesigned Data Warehouse­Data Model, ETL Process and Reporting layer in line with industry best practices.
  • Documented the requirements and DWH design. Involved with BO Universe and Reports design. Created BO Reports and performance tuning of ETL Scripts and BO reports. Tested ETL Scripts and BO reports. Data base Production Deployment.